A pup not held much or shown much affection, but now he is learning life is much better now that he is in a loving Foster home.

Yankee is a very sweet pup, very shy, but not aggressive and lives with 3 other dogs in the home. Also does very well with the cats and kittens in the home. He likes sleeping with the other animals but wants to choose when and where to lay. He is a good eater, and does go potty outside or on a potty pad. He isn't a barker until he plays with one of the other dogs in the home..then he enjoys the play. He has made a lot of progress in a short time, which has required patience and a light touch. Yankee wasn't used to being held or cuddled in the original hoarder home he was in, BUT he sure is lovin it now! Loves sleeping with the foster and will sit on your lap 'forever' if you will let him. Yankee is neutered and current on immunization shots, rabies shot and is also micro-chipped. The Vet has him listed at approx. 18 mos old. He has gorgeous longer hair and is white with red, and a pink nose. He weighs in at 11lbs.   If interested in Yankee, please complete a application on our website www.wowdogrescue.org    IF you still see that Yankee is NOT marked ADOPTED, then he is Still available.   
Thanks for wanting to rescue your next family member!!
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