Volunteer..Use that Kind Heart for the dogs that are needing your help!

We are always in need of volunteers, (fosters. too) If you can spare your time, please let us know.
Please complete the volunteer application form below to help our rescue.  Most of the Volunteering is done in Candler.

* Did you know that many schools will give you credits for Volunteering ?
We have many positions that we would appreciate your time helping. This benefits the dogs more than you will know. It cannot happen with out kind human hearts.  We will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Volunteer:  If these are not listed on the form, add to "Other Box" 
1) Going to Fosters homes and taking photos of the dogs
2) Sundays: Donation Station at Shoppers Supply in Chandler. 9am-3pm (different shifts available)
3) Transporting dogs to vet appointments. Need to be there at Vets by 6:45am.
     Fosters pick up the dog later.
4) Appt. Setter: Set up adoption appointments with the Foster, Adoption Coordinator and the NEW family.
5) Community Shopping: Asking shops/stores to donate a gift card to our rescue. If they don’t do gift cards
    but can do something else to help us, that would be great too.(You will have business cards
    of ours to hand out along with our 501c3 letter).
6) Transporting dogs that sometimes come in sometimes on short notice, to our groomer.
7) Experienced Groomer. We will come to you. East Valley.
8) Help at all events. Set up and tear down when needed. Be there to represent our rescue. Hand out our fliers 9) Write Grants for us! We sure could use a vehicle for transporting!!