A sweet Bonded Pair

Sage is 5 years old.
Shelly is 4 years old.

It has been a determining time to see if these
2 little cuties really need to be together.
We feel bottom line it is in their best interest, so we are going on that.
We recieved a call from a Shelter asking if we could take in 3 shih tzus that were
turned in by their owner (they felt), but were told that they were all found.
A few "slips" from one of the kids, let them know that these were indeed
a owner surrender. Most likely he didn't want to pay a surrender fee AND
any charges they may have endured for the condition these 3 were in.
They went to emergency grooming and they were all feeling and doing
so much better right away!!
The Groomer thought these dogs were Mini Aussie/Shih Tzu mixes..
BUT the Vet ruled that these are 100% shih Tzus.
YOU can make the call, but the vet has them marked on their
paperwork that they are shih tzus.
The male is able to go seperately, and his name is Yuma. (On another listing).
They were most likey living out-doors for most of their
time, and didn't come to us housetrained. The short time we have had
them, they haven't picked it up 100%, and are having a few accidents
here and there. Shelly is the smaller one weighing 10 lbs and Sage is 13 lbs.
Both are super sweet and toys are pretty foreign to them...but they are learning.
They like or walk, they want to go and go together.
Sage slipped out of her collar when they went in to get Spay, just to follow
the Vet tech who had Shelly, and brought her back 1st.
Shelly wants to be with a human too. If you are a stay at home
person, she would LOVE this!
They do fine with other small dogs and a little intimidated by the bigger ones.
Kids would be fine as long as they are old enough to
know how to pet a dog and wouldn't run at
them (toddler behavior).
Many families do not go looking for 2 dogs in general, BUT..its actually a
nice feature when they are bonded, because you know they already do well
together and when you step out for a while, you know they have each other.

The adoption fee for this pair is $500.00

If you are interested in BOTH girls, PLEASE complete a application.
Most everything we know about our dogs is in the please read it
so you know what the dog is like and if it will fit your life style.
Once an application is recieved, it will go in that dogs file for review.
IF you are chosen for Sage & Shelly, you will get a call for them and have
3 hours to respond (if we get your answering machine)
before we go to the next person of interest.
The ONLY way to be considered is with an application which is on our website:
Click on the picture and scroll all the way to the bottom of the following page.

& Sage