This little cutie was a owner surrender to a shelter, along with his mom Chloe.
(who will also be up for adoption soon).
Both very cute but this little 5 month old boy seems to be enjoying
whatever life throws at him. He weighs in at 8lbs.
When we asked the foster to tell us about Rusty, this is what they had to say:

"Rusty is a very loving puppy. He was rescued from a shelter and since he has been with us,
he has been a fun family treat.
Rusty is a mix of what is believed to be a Schnauzer and Maltese,
so he sheds very little. Rusty is  5 months old,
so he has all the puppy energy that comes with that.
He loves to play and run around outside. He may be a little
shy and timid at first, but once he gets to know you,
he begins to emerge from his shy shell.
He does well with children, especially with our 7 and 9-year-old
but can be a little hesitant around the 1 and 5-year-old,
however, he always gives each child the attention they want.
He is especially good with adults and loves to snuggle.
He has been pretty quiet for a puppy and barks very little.
He is crate trained and is getting the hang of being potty trained.
Rusty also loves his afternoon naps, but once he is rested up,
he is full of energy and is willing to give you all the time
and energy you may desire.
Overall, he a mellow pup with a loving heart."
We are not sure how he would do around cats because he
has never encountered them yet.
He will get neutered, shots and microchipped Jan 3rd, then he will be able
to heal and go to his new forever family.
If you think he would fit into your families schedule and routines,
then please apply for him.

Rustys adoption fee is set at $250.00

If you are interested in Rusty, PLEASE complete a application.
Most everything we know about our dogs is in the please read it
so you know what the dog is like and if it will fit your life style.
Once an application is recieved, it will go in that dogs file for review.
IF you are chosen for Rusty, you will get a call for him and will  have
3 hours to respond (if we get your answering machine)
before we go to the next person of interest.
*The ONLY way to be considered is with an application which is on our website:
Click on the picture and scroll all the way to the bottom of the following page.
THANKS for wanting to Rescue!!

Thanks for wanting to rescue your next family member!!