Soooo soooo sweet!

4 years old and weighs in at 10.5 lbs
Penny came to us after being neglected for a very long time...
She had not been groomed in almost 1 1/2 yrs and had been living
outside in the Arizona heat.
After being rescued, getting groomed, vetted and neutered,
she became a member of our human, canine, and feline family.
Every person, dog and even the cat in our home loves
her sweet personality, charming walk and ability to snuggle all night.
Penny allows all of the animals to give her kisses, even the cat.
she is very well behaved, will walk on a leash and easily allow us
to pick her up. She is familiar with her crate and doesn't mind
going in it. She really doesn't know how
to play with toys, buts he is trying to learn.
Since she was recently groomed (after a very long time),
she especially likes to be pet and will beg for more.
However, since she had never really been in a house and was
recently spay, she is just learning the difference between going
potty outside and not inside.
She rarely barks, even when all the others are barking a chorus!
Pennys fur is silky soft and will grow back into a beautiful coat
of lovely poodle/maltese fur, the color of snow.
She is absolutely a delightful girl!"
Of course, Penny will need to be an INDOOR dog, and Regular grooming
is a must too. We do not want her to have to re-live the life she had at the beginning.
She is current on DHPP, Rabies shot, de-wormed, micro-chipped and Spay

Pennys adoption fee is set at $250.00

PLEASE do not call to see if  Penny is available, just complete an application so you can be considered.

Applications must be completed for you to be considered. Please go to:
Thyme will be up for adoption until we find the perfect family applicant!
We will call you if it is YOU!
When you see she is no longer posted, she has been adopted.
Best of Luck!!

Thanks for wanting to rescue your next family member!!

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    Penny is the one on the left, BEFORE PHOTO..