Meet Our Sponsors

Please take a minute to view these local businesses who support WOW Dog Rescue.
$25.00 for the year, we will advertise your business right here with your business card!

3/2/18     Needing a Awesome Realtor?
                        Call Elessa!!

 3/8/18  Delicious & Professionally done! 
                     CALL KAREN!!

3/8/18   MANY Services available for          
               you and loved ones.
                Cornerstone Cares

3/8/18  Be Safe and know someone
             is always there for you!

     20% of all profit will go to W.O.W Dog   
           Rescue, Shipping is FREE with your     purchase of Mary Kay products from Shawn

Peichi is not only a wonderful Realtor, but she has Fostered for our Rescue too!!