Shy at 1st, but WILL earn your love quickly

Jenny is a 2 year old schnauzer / chihuahua mix. Super
cute, but just very unsure for the 1st 24 hour period..then she warms up.
She was a stray and we brought her to our rescue with aother cell mate..Java.
They like each other but are not bonded.
Jenny just needs time to know shes safe. Once that happens she is a wonderful little girl.
She is living in a foster home with Java and a pit-bull named Einstien.
She was nervous of Einstien at 1st and would growl at him...showing him that she
wasn't afraid...and little did she know that  Einstien is a "baby" at heart and
loves all other dogs. Jenny weighs 7 lbs and enjoys the back yard that is grassy.
Little children probably would scare her too much, but  10+ would be fine.
In time she would most likely aclimate but I wouldn't want them to get fear bit, so its
best if there were no little ones.
She has big entenna ears and the cutest face!
Jenny is getting pretty playful (after being in the home less than 24 hours).
She doesn't bother the cats in the home.
If you are someone that could let her ease into your heart,
you would have the BEST little girl for years and years.
Jennys adoption fee is set at $260.00

PLEASE do not call to see if  Jenny is available, just complete an application so you can be considered.

Applications must be completed for you to be considered. Please go to:

Jenny will be up for adoption until we find the perfect family applicant!
We will call you if it is YOU!
When you see she is no longer posted, she has been adopted.
Best of Luck!!

Thanks for wanting to rescue your next family member!!

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