Betsy surely has a story of her own,,

Many Of you have followed Betsys story..she was hit by truck,
left on the side of the road, and was picked up by a gentleman
that saw the entire ordeal.
She was then given to our rescue on the same evening of the accident.
We took her to an emergency vet because she wasn't able to stand up.
We were told Betsy had 3 breaks to her pelvis.
The surgery was done, and she stayed in critical care for 8 wks.
(No running, or excitement with the other foster dogs/cats in the home).
Once we were given the ok to allow her small amounts of activity,
she was taken for short walks and small car rides with the foster mom.
She had many nights of being held and getting used to the human hands.
She loves people, and being held.
Then she was adopted, and had a new sister (the furry kind), 
that she got along with well.
What we did learn with Betsy in her new home though,
was she had anxiety issues if the owner left her while she worked during the day.
Betsy became distructive in her new home while mom was away to work.
However, Super loving when the lady was home.
She was returned to us 10 days later, and this was
super hard for the owner of Betsy..
She REALLY loved her, but she couldn't bring her to work.
Of course we do not blame this lady for returning Betsy.
Her dream was to find a playmate for her dog while she was at work.
..Betsy wanted and needed human contact, more than she could give her.
SO, Betsy needs someone who is needing a emotional support dog.
Where she will be with her people all the time.
If this is something that you are looking for, Betsy would be a great addition
for you. She is not the kind of dog that can be crated all day.

The Vet feels Betsy is  around 3 years old.
Her last vet visit, she weighed in at 11 lbs.
The vet thinks she is most likely a mix of yorkie and wire haired terrier.
She is current on her shots, spay, Rabies, micro-chipped.

Betsys adoption fee is set at $250.00

If you are interested in Betsy, PLEASE complete a application.
Most everything we know about our dogs is in the please read it
so you know what the dog is like and if it will fit your life style.
Once an application is recieved, it will go in that dogs file for review.
IF you are chosen for Betsy, you will get a call for her and you will  have
3 hours to respond (if we get your answering machine)
before we go to the next person of interest.
*The ONLY way to be considered is with an application which is on our website:
Click on the picture and scroll all the way to the bottom of the following page.
THANKS for wanting to Rescue your next FAMILY Member!!