Sugar  (ON-HOLD)

She is sooooo sweet, we couldn't call her anything but SUGAR

OK, so you ask yourself, how could some little sweet girl have such a rough start on life?
Why is she available? Who could possibly give this cutie up??
Well.....because there are some humans out there in society that are still ABUSING animals.
The owners gave the story that this little girl was stung by a scorpion on her tail, and she bit it off.
BUT, we know that a dog cannot bite their tail off, if its high on their back..and it is cut
straight across. They also filed some of her nails like you would sharpen a pencil with a  knife.
None the less, she is far to sweet to hate humans as she has EVERY RIGHT TO, instead...
her favorite thing is to be held by a human. Initially she was nervous around
the foster man, but slowly she has learned to love him and let him hold her.
She is doing so much better with ALL men now, that it really hasn't been an issue any more.
She loves having a crate available to go to for her safe place, and will sleep
in there as well at night...but she will also sleep with her humans if
shes allowed too. She is potty trained, but doggy doors are a tad scarey for her.
Shes approx 7 pounds and very light on her feet. she will put her front feet on your
leg and wait for you to pick her up...
She has learned the "sit" command, and we have that on video on our FB page.
She has been on antibiotics for her tail and is going in for spay, DHPP, Micro-chip,
Rabies shot soon.... and then she will be ready for her forever home.
This little sweetie
needs a home that is CALM, small dogs are fine and no "active" toddlers/children. So if you have little ones
or grandchildren that come and visit that fit that category, please don't apply for her.
Sugars adoption fee is set at: $275.00
If you have been wanting a new family member and think Sugar is the one
for you, please apply for her by going to: and completing an application.

PLEASE do not call to see if the dogs are available, just complete an application so you can be considered.
We will go through applications and if yours is a perfect fit we will call you to meet up!
If interested in Sugar please complete a application on our website  at
If you still see that  Sugar is NOT marked ADOPTED, then she is Still available.

When a family is chosen, we give the family 3 hours to return our call if they don't answer.
After that, we go to the next person who qualifies for the dog.
Thanks for wanting to rescue your next family member!!