Sisko & Dax

Bonded Brothers

This is a courtesy Posting. Which means these cats are not WOW Dog Rescues Cats and we are doing someone a favor by posting them, trying to find them a forever home:
Sisko & Dax came from Canada, and they are Russian Blue Brothers. 2.5 years old, and are very attached to each other. They are not the cuddly type of cats but they love to be near each other and show each other affection.
 They have never been around kids or other cats, but do fine with dogs.
Both have pleasant dispositions, but like mentioned, they are not lap kitties.
They exhibit a friendly personality.
They enjoy a pat here and there, so don't require much from their owners but to be cared for/loved and given food.
Both eat well  (grain free food) and know the litter box.

Their human travels a lot for her job, and this is the reason for surrendering them.
All medical records will follow them, along with their kittie accessories.
They are current on shots, and have been in the USA for 1 year now.
The adoption fee for BOTH kitties is $150.00
**If you are a 501c3 rescue and can help, please contact wow dog rescue as the fee will be waived.

PLEASE do not call to see if the cats are available, just complete an application so you can be considered.

Applications must be completed for you to be considered.
Once we get them, we will hand them over to the owner for her to contact you.

Thanks for wanting to rescue your next family member!!

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