A REAL SAD story....but YOU could change all that!

This Chihuahua  boy is named Lucky ...I guess he is "lucky" to be alive (thus the name

he was given 2 year ago) when he was brought in to MCACC, with his tail cut off,
his legs are all scarred up, face scarred up, eyes look like they
are sore (possibly allergies according to the vet today),
neck scarred up and ears chewed/ripped, and TESTICLES had a rubberband around
them with a piece of plastic around them,
and yep...they were infected. MCACC did the surgery and he was since adopted to a family.
The family had him for the past year, but cannot keep him any more because the asthma
they have flares up because of now he is with
us at W.O.W Dog Rescue...
He is 2.5 yrs old, now current on immunizations, Rabies shot, neutered, and micro-chipped.
He weighs in at 8lbs but VERY skinny and we are working on that, BUT a VERY VERY stunning boy regardless.
Has a very nice stance, and a handsome face.
He doesn't like men (He is telling his story the best he can), so instead of being mean to them...
he will hide from them or bark at them...
But he LOVES everyone else, including children, does great with the fosters other small dogs and 2 cats.
NO BIG DOGS! (big dogs make him shake...another story he is trying to tell us).
This sweet sweet LOYAL boy would love to couch cuddle with you, give kisses, sleep with you,
go on car rides with you, and
be the king of the home for you.
He is housetrained, NOT A YAPPY Chihuahua, but will bark
when he is suppose to (example: someone knocks or rings your doorbell).  
If you are home most of your day, or men big dogs...Lucky couldn't be
more of a perfect fit for you.
Lucky so deserves a wonderful home... 
His adoption fee is set at $225.00

If you are interested in Lucky, PLEASE complete an application.

PLEASE do not call to see if the dogs are available, just complete an application so you can be considered.

Your application is good for 90 days for any of our dogs.
We will go through applications and if yours is a perfect fit we will call you to meet up!

We will give you a day when we will be calling, and if we call you and we leave a message,
you will have 3 hours to return our call before we go to the next person.
again: If interested in Lucky, please complete a application on our website
If you still see that Lucky is NOT marked ADOPTED, then he is Still available.

Thanks for wanting to rescue your next family member!!