One sweet girl

Lightening is an incredibly sweet girl, who was most likely used
as a breeder dog. You can tell that she had just had a litter of
pups not long ago, and truely didn't understand what being picked up and
hugged was all about...but she is starting to like it! She is also liking the fact that
she can wonder through out the cage. Her 1st night she was very wobbly
on her feet as if she didn't know what to do with them. (Cages don't allow you to walk about).
Her fur was knotted up SEVERELY, and she wrenched of urine we thought thats what it was..

we noticed she has pus in one of her ears, and her entire ear was inflamed.
Lightening was found with another shih tzu (Dora) in the desert. We think Dora is around 8 years old, and Lightening
is about 10+.
Both of them have a genetic eye issue. (we were hoping that they
could have cateract surgery, but the Vet said it isn't an option because it was hereditary).
Lightening is close to 95% being blind, and Dora can see about 2 yards in front of her yet.
These girls do not appear to be bonded, and venture off to opposite parts of the
Foster home, and can sleep with out each other through out the day.
Who knows, they may get closer as time goes on, but for now we don't see it.
 Dora is appox 13 lbs and Lightening is 9lbs.
Neither girl is housetrained, but they have wonderful appetites, and
sleep most of their day. Neither play with toys..they are simply loving girls that
are enjoying the peaceful, sleepful times that they missed out on.
It would be great if someone that is a stay at home person, could adopt
Dora or her mom Lightening and give them a life of happiness for the short time they have left.
If you are a Senior, (65 or older) these girls both qualify for our Senior to Senior
Discount program. So, whichever is the lesser, (what we have into them, or the adoption fee)
you  pay the lesser price for the adoption fee.

Lightenings adoption fee is set at: $110.00
If you have been wanting a new family member and think Lightening is the one
for you, please apply for her by going to: and completing an application.

PLEASE do not call to see if the dogs are available, just complete an application so you can be considered.
We will go through applications and if yours is a perfect fit we will call you to meet up!
If interested in Lightening please complete a application on our website  at
If you still see that Lightening is NOT marked ADOPTED, then she is Still available.
When a family is chosen, we give the family 3 hours to return our call if they don't answer.
After that, we go to the next person who qualifies for the dog.
Thanks for wanting to rescue your next family member!!

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