Neighbors complaining got this little girl taken away from the only family she knew.

lil Liberty was adopted when she was a baby, and was loved by her family.
The only problem was, the neighbors didn't care for dogs...let a lone a dog that "barks".
She barked like any dog barks. If someone drove down the alley, came to the door, someone was outside behind the wall and she was protecting the home by "barking". The family thought perhaps if she wore a bark collar, that would stop her from being a dog and she wouldn't bark as much...BUT, that worked for awhile and then she just got zapped and they couldn't bare the thought, so would take it off..they also thought maybe if she had a litter of pups, she would attend to the pups and not bark and it would calm her down more...but you are right...dogs bark to alarm you when theres movement around your home, so that didn't work. she was only doing her job. Then, there were those times when the family "forgot" to close the doggy door at night and Liberty would go outside and bark if she heard a noise. Yes, the neighbor took her to court after that one..and the family was told that Liberty needed to find a new home. Liberty is 4 years old. A Yorkie - Poo (Yorkshire Terrier/ Poodle), and one of the sweetest girls you will meet. she loves going for a walk, does fine with other dogs, TOTALY loves children (really likes the 6 yr old at the fosters home) and loves a good belly rub and car ride. She is doggy door trained, and weighs in at 12 lbs. She is spay, current on shots and Rabies shot. She will go in for a micro-chip before adoption. IF you think you want a couch cuddler, and you don't live next to a dog hater, and you want a lil girl that will INSTANTLY win your heart, please apply for Liberty.
Her adoption fee is set at $260.00
If interested in her, please complete a application on our website
An application is the only way you can be considered for any of the W.O.W. Dogs.
Thanks for wanting to adopt your next family member!!
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