He is a SMART Boy....

In Meeting Kody for the 1st time, we was
nervous for "maybe 4 minute", but he was quickly on me, licking me and wanting me to be his friend.
When my husband came home, he was wonderful with him right away.
Owners request was that Kody does not go to a home where the children are under 10 years old, NOT
that he is mean, (because he DOESN'T have a mean bone in his body), but ONLY because of the energy that he has.
A gorgeous boy ...where these pictures don't do him any favors..
He is definitely a Terrier..and my guess would be in the lines of the Irish Terrier mix.
(Of course we all guess, but he is handsome , no less).
Kody knows many commands. His owner worked with him  so he will sit when told.
He know NO means stop whatever he is doing. OFF means to get off people or furniture.
A flat hand out towards Kody means to stop and stay.
He enjoys walking on a leash but still pulls so a tug will bring him back walking by your side.
Play Fetch??? Oh My...yup, until the crows fly. Guarenteed he will tire
you out before he tuckers out.. He knows the command "Drop it", but doesn't "always" do it.
One thing Kody will do is "mouth you"...HE IS NOT BITING, but for some reason
he likes your hand in his mouth occasionally. When he does that, he is told "NO BITES" and he quits.
Kody is food motivated, so he responds very well to treats and praise.
He may have been hurt by his previous owner by a rolled up newspapaer, as he is actually afraid of them.
He loves toys and is rough on them, takes the squeekers out and gets his toys into pieces eventually.
He is a good traveler in the car, sleeps in a kennel at night, and goes potty out a doggy door.
(If you try putting potty pads down for him he WILL shred them).
He does good with other dogs with a a proper intro. He also does ok with
cats but it is very annoying to them as all he wants to do is play  play play and sometimes too rough.
IF you have a lap, thats right up his alley...
He LOVES a good lap and thinks he is a lap dog giving you kisses and loves being petted all the time.
Kody weighs approx. 18 lbs and is current on all his shots, and is also Neutered.
His birthday is 12/29/16, so he is a bit over a year old.
He will be micro-chipped prior to adoption.
Kodys adoption fee is set at: $260.00
If you have been wanting a new family member and think Kody is the one
for you, please apply for him by going to: www.wowdogrescue.org and completing an application.

PLEASE do not call to see if the dogs are available, just complete an application so you can be considered.
We will go through applications and if yours is a perfect fit we will call you to meet up!
If interested in Kody please complete a application on our website  at  www.wowdogrescue.org
If you still see that  Kody is NOT marked ADOPTED, then he is Still available.

When a family is chosen, we give the family 3 hours to return our call if they don't answer.
After that, we go to the next person who qualifies for the dog.
Thanks for wanting to rescue your next family member!!

  1. Adorable with his BFF Einstien the Pitty Boy
    Adorable with his BFF Einstien the Pitty Boy