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A Dog is for Life...
​Our Adoption Process

First, you will never see us with our dogs or puppies at a show n' tell type of adoption (meaning, we do not bring them to Petsmart/Petco/Pet Planet etc. on the weekends for adoptions). This is proven to be impulse adoptions where people walk in the store to buy fish, and see cute dogs and puppies on the way out, and "have to have one". Not realizing the life long commitment they are making for a new family member.

All of our dogs are adopted through the  "application process". (It is very long and lengthy, but makes the person applying think about everything that they will be responsible for when they adopt a dog. PLUS, its good for 90 days for ANY of our dogs). It also points out some questions for people with small children. We do not have a facility where you can come and see them. Every dog we have is placed in a regular home, and is being fostered until a adoptive family is chosen.

Secondly, we receive applications for each dog over a 3-5 day period (depending on the demand) and we select the succesful applicant after this time. We do random Home visits, and also Map Quest your home. Your best reference will be your Veterinarian, whether one from the past or your current one (whichever applies), SO let them know W.O.W Rescue may be calling them and its ok to give out your DOGS medical /shot information.

Then if you are chosen, we will call you and set up a meet and greet. This is where you come and meet the desired dog and ask the foster any and all questions. If the adoptee currently own pets, they bring them along to see how they interact with each other.

If all is well, they have the option to adopt right then and there. Y
ou get to take home your new family member!

How can we help you?
We take in small stray dogs. So if you find one and you are not able to hold it while looking for the owners, please contact us! (we can also scan for a micro-chip).
Maybe you no longer can keep your dog(s)? If we have an opening, we will take them, and find them loving homes. 
We have intake/surrender forms for you to complete right here on our website. We will get back to you with in 12 hours (but normally sooner).

Adopt a Dog
Check out these furbabies looking for their forever home
BEAR.. (ADOPTED)Pomeranian/American Eskimo
2yrs old. Click on my picture for more info. and to get an application
TACO..Chihuahua Mix.
1 years old. Click on my picture for more info. and to get an application
Emmie...Chihuahua girl.
4 years old. Click on my picture for more info. and to get an application
More Info
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More Info
TRIXIE...Terrier Mix.
4 years old. Click on my picture for more info. and to get an application.
Maltese Terrier mix, He loves play time with other dogs.
Kirby, A loyal and sweet 3 yr old boy.
(Cocker Spaniel and Poodle)

More Info
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More Info
Lightening~ Another wonderful Senior to Senior Gal
Mr. "steal your heart" boy
Dora, One of our Senior to Senior Gals
More Info
More Info
More Info
Mr. Peabody
Qualifies for our Senior to Senior Program
Bichon/Poodle/Lhasa Apso Blend
More Info
As a rescue we are always in need of gear for our dogs such as collars, beds, food. Please see our wish list and if you can help us by ordering from this wish list we would greatly appreciate it.

If you love shopping on Amazon, please choose our rescue as your registered charity to support! For every purchase you make Amazon will donate a % to our non profit rescue.

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